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These activities are simple demonstrations of emulsions in our daily lives.

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Two-Minute Mayo
Full Two-Minute Mayo
Full Two-Minute Mayo

Mayonnaise is a great demonstration of an emulsion that students are likely to be familiar with.

If you can offer tastes to the participants, this would allow everyone to use even more of their senses as they compare textures and flavors of the individual ingredients versus the emulsified product. *Do note that this recipe includes raw egg so get your egg from a trusty source or buy a pasteurized egg and rinse before cooking if you’ll be tasting the product



  • 1 Whole Egg*
  • 1 Cup of Vegetable Oil
  • (Optional) Mustard


  • Hand blender
  • A jar or glass just wider than the immersion blender head (we find a pint-sized wide-mouth ball jar works well)
Full Two-Minute Mayo

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Disan Davis Disan Davis avatar

Disan is a scientist and educator striving to share her curiosity and love of science with others
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