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Science Saturday Special: Microscopes

Microscopes are specialized tools that allow scientists to see tiny things that are invisible to us with our eyes alone. Let's zoom in!
Looking into a Microscope, Modified from a photo by Zach Veilleux

Get ready to explore the highly specialized tools 🔍 that scientists at The Rockefeller University use to see 👀 some very ⚛ tiny 💊 things. For this Science Saturday Special, we will take a tour of a few different kinds of microscopes 🔬 and learn how scientists use them to gather information about the world 🌏.

Science Saturday is a science festival for kids and kids at heart, normally hosted at The Rockefeller University. Watch our webinar on microscopes, and read on to dive in!

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  • Life Science,
  • Scientific Process & Ethics,
  • Art in STEM,
  • Engineering Design,
  • Science & Society,
  • Scientific Methodology,
  • Categorization & Classification,
  • Experimental Evaluation,
  • Mathematical Deduction

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  • Everyday Materials

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Science Saturday Science Saturday  avatar

RockEDU's science festival for kids and kids at heart

Disan Davis Disan Davis avatar

Disan is a scientist and educator striving to share her curiosity and love of science with others
Research Associate for the STEM PUSH Network
University of Pittsburgh

Jeanne Garbarino Jeanne Garbarino avatar

Jeanne was once rescued by the FDNY after getting her head stuck in a fence. She then grew up to become a biochemist.
Executive Director, RockEDU Science Outreach
The Rockefeller University

Odaelys Walwyn-Pollard Odaelys Walwyn-Pollard avatar

Odaelys utilizes her passion for teaching and mentoring students.
Director of Research
Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC)

Jerlyn O’Donnell Jerlyn O’Donnell avatar

Jerlyn spends her time creating rich, attention-grabbing, digital experiences by concentrating on inclusive and accessible design
Design Director & Founder
Design Lady, LLC

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