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How can microscopes relate to you?

There are as many ways to use microscopes as there are things to see and discover. How would you want to use a microscope in your life?

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Can you relate?

Slide under microscope in Friedman lab, Photo credit Zach Veilleux
How can microscopes relate to you?
Full How can microscopes relate to you?
Full How can microscopes relate to you?

There are so many affordable and easy to use microscopes available for purchase (and a few that you can make at home!), that both scientists and science enthusiasts alike are incorporating these optical machines into their lives. When you combine this with the power of sharing on social media, it is a win-win! Check out the many microscopic explorers out in the world who are also sharing their work online. What does this inspire in you? How would you want to explore tiny things to learn about the world, and just see cool stuff? Let’s zoom in!

Full How can microscopes relate to you?

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