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Our Online Resources

Connecting scientists, teachers, students, and classrooms to foster mutual learning around the scientific process. 

Photograph by Mario Morgado

RockEDU Online came into being from a generous grant from The Leon Lowenstein Foundation, and has allowed us in to share our science outreach resources with a broader audience. Most of the work on this site was created by Rockefeller University scientists, or by scientists from neighboring institutions. These materials have been created specifically for local science outreach events, typically including NYC teachers, students, and families.

Scientist contributors come from many places, including Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Weill Cornell Medical School, Hunter College CUNY, and more throughout NYC! Tremendous effort has been put into these materials, and we are excited to share them more widely through this online platform. We also continuously work to hone and expand our online resources to meet more and changing audiences, so please be in touch if you have contributions, comments, or feedback for us on anything you see here.

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