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Know More About the Steps to Escape the Cell

Explore the central dogma (DNA -->RNA -->protein) and the production and function of various proteins that ultimately get secreted from the cell

DNA is the written instructions—literally a sequence of letters—that instructs for molecules and molecular machines performing the essential functions within any living organism. Additional DNA is playing still-to-be-determined roles in regulating the construction of these molecules and machines in complex and dynamic ways.

Through these resources participants can see, control, and even read DNA information in order to better understand the exceptionalism of DNA.

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Full Nucleic Acid Background

Nucleic Acid Background

Full Nucleic Acid Background

Nucleic acids are the fundamental units of information transfer in biological systems. From bacteria to humans, hereditary information is passed from parent to offspring through deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA). Even viruses—whose status as living or non-living is still up for debate—communicate their replication instructions through DNA or ribonucleic acids (RNA). The structure of the DNA double helix has a famous history and a shape recognizable to people around the world. And while we don’t usually think about the nucleic acids in our food, all living things have it so we consume it all the time!

Full Nucleic Acid Background
Full Protein Background

Protein Background

Full Protein Background

Proteins are biomacromolecules that are complex in structure and function. They are an essential component of a balanced diet, a miracle molecule for food structure and texture, and the workhorses of much of our digestion and metabolism…among many other functions! We will study protein structure in terms of the bonds and different types of intermolecular forces that all contribute to a final, functional protein structure.

Full Protein Background

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