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Everyday Emulsions

The Chemistry of Getting Along Together

Ice cream. Milk. Latex paint. Mayonnaise. Lotions and creams… Emulsions are all around us, but how much do we know about these everyday materials and the amazing chemistry behind them? In this course, we will explore the chemistry of familiar emulsions, applying our current understandings of intermolecular forces to develop new and fun ways to present these concepts in the classroom. We will use specialized dyes to determine emulsion types, make our own lotion using accessible ingredients, and classify emulsions using a phase diagram.   

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Learn about emulsions, make and test emulsions, and then see how they relate to you with a few case studies...

At a glance


  • Life Science,
  • Biology of Cells,
  • Chemistry of Life,
  • Physics of Life,
  • Physical Science,
  • Bonding,
  • Scientific Process & Ethics,
  • Engineering Design,
  • Science & Society,
  • Styles of Scientific Reasoning,
  • Categorization & Classification,
  • Experimental Evaluation,
  • Hypothetical Models

Materials Required

  • Corner Store Materials,
  • Everyday Materials,
  • Lab Materials

Created by

Disan Davis Disan Davis avatar

Disan is a scientist and educator striving to share her curiosity and love of science with others
RockEDU Program Manager
The Rockefeller University

Jeanne Garbarino Jeanne Garbarino avatar

Jeanne was once rescued by the FDNY after getting her head stuck in a fence. She then grew up to become a biochemist.
Director of RockEDU Science Outreach
The Rockefeller University

Yemi Shin Yemi Shin avatar

Yemi is a sophomore at Carleton College. She is passionate about science, fashion, and all things entertaining.

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