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Science Saturday Special: Ants

The social lives of ants, and some things we as humans can learn from them
Illustration by Kristin Reiber Harris

There is incredible variety in the kinds of ants 🐜 in the world 🌏, and yet there some interesting similarities between ants and people 👫👬👭👬👭👫 including being social and living in communities 🏘🏙.

To celebrate this Science Saturday Special, we are showcasing how scientists at The Rockefeller University are studying ants to learn about how social behaviors work. Are these behaviors inherited, like eye color? Are they determined by the community? How are behaviors communicated between ants, including through touch or chemical cues? Check out the webinar below, and read on to learn more about some of these questions, and more…

Science Saturday is a science festival for kids and kids at heart, normally hosted at The Rockefeller University.

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  • Life Science,
  • Behavior,
  • Diversity of Organisms,
  • Organismal Biology,
  • Scientific Process & Ethics,
  • Art in STEM,
  • Scientific Methodology,
  • Styles of Scientific Reasoning,
  • Categorization & Classification,
  • Experimental Evaluation,
  • Historical-based Evolutionary Reasoning

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  • Everyday Materials

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Lizzie Krisch Lizzie Krisch avatar

Lizzie loves sharing her passion for science engagement by supporting RockEDU's mentorship learning community, BIOME, and empowering mentors and mentees in the interpersonal components of science.
Community Manager, RockEDU
The Rockefeller University

Disan Davis Disan Davis avatar

Disan is a scientist and educator striving to share her curiosity and love of science with others
Research Associate for the STEM PUSH Network
University of Pittsburgh

Kristin Reiber Harris Kristin Reiber Harris avatar

Kristin is a teaching-artist and animator raised on an old farm in Northern Virginia. She loves to be outdoors, a trait her mother noted when she was just a toddler.
Creative Director
Kristin Harris Design

Science Saturday Science Saturday  avatar

RockEDU's science festival for kids and kids at heart

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