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RockEDU Programs in NYC

RockEDU Online is our web-based expansion of RockEDU Science Outreach programming at The Rockefeller University in New York City.

Our collaborative and creative team of scientists, educators, and support staff strives to shape and promote science outreach as a set of opportunities for members of our communities to engage with science as a relevant, human endeavor, and to foster a genuine connection with science in our society. We work at the intersection of basic science research and K-12 science education to create innovative and flexible science resources and programs that promote equitable access to — and an appreciation for — the scientific process, and are sustained through a culture of outreach within the scientific community.

We meet students and teachers at various levels in order to foster active dialogue with scientists, hands-on experience in an authentic lab, and increasing awareness of the science all around us. Collectively these are known as the Learning At the Bench (LAB) Initiative. The RockEDU team, in essential collaboration with New York City scientists, engages with our local educational community through our LAB Initiative.

Read more about our RockEDU Programming at The Rockefeller University

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