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RockEDU Online For Students

Photograph by SCOTT RUDD

Welcome to RockEDU Online! We have prepared these materials holding the belief that anyone can engage with science in meaningful ways. We encourage you to explore this site knowing that it was made for you! If you have any questions or want to learn about a particular topic in greater detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Below are segments of this site that may be of particular interest to you:

Are you science-curious? Check out The Incubator Blog to read stories from practicing scientists, trained scientists now in other fields, and all kinds of things we like to think about here at RockEDU. You can even get to know some scientists through our Scientists of New York series.

Interested in writing for our blog? Get in touch (see the contact info at the right) and we’d love to hear what you have to say.

Want to try your hand at research? Check back soon for more information on our Corner Store Experiments initiative that will provide you (and supportive adults, like your teacher or parent) with useful information for conducting authentic research experiments. A few tips for now:

  • no experiment ever works best the first time (so try, refine, and try again…and again…and again…)
  • be thoughtful about what you’re trying to study — why ask this particular question? what do you hope to learn? what will it show you if you’re wrong?
  • be rigorous, whether right or wrong, don’t accept one data point or even one experimental trial to be enough to convince you of something

Want to do research with us in NYC? Look into the requirements for our LAB Jumpstart program for local NYC students or the SSRP (Summer Science Research Program), a competitive summer research experience. Check out all of our NYC-based programs for students here.

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