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Find Some Ants That Relate to You?

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Can you relate?

Illustration by Kristin Reiber Harris
Find Some Ants That Relate to You
Full Find Some Ants That Relate to You
Full Find Some Ants That Relate to You

Head outside (or maybe even to your kitchen counter 😬) to find some ants — 👀 look in the cracks on the sidewalk, flip over a rock, or near a sweet treat dropped on the ground (or countertop).

Use the attached guide to explore and track some of the ants’ behaviors, and take special care to look for examples where you think ants might be communicating with each other. What do you think they’re saying to each other? How do you know? Are these behaviors and communications like ways people behave or communicate? How can we learn from ants to learn more about ourselves?!

Download your own ant observation guide and then share your findings on our Padlet!


Ant Observation Guide PDF

Download and print our observation guide from the Save & Share Menu and  follow your inspiration and ask the questions that you care about! Draw or snap a picture of what you find, share your observations/questions, and let us know how you’d like to put your ideas into action!


Share your observations, questions, and explorations!

Full Find Some Ants That Relate to You

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Lizzie loves sharing her penchant for science engagement through different forums, including teaching, research, writing and social media.
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Disan is a scientist and educator striving to share her curiosity and love of science with others
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Kristin is a teaching-artist and animator raised on an old farm in Northern Virginia. She loves to be outdoors, a trait her mother noted when she was just a toddler.
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