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Relate to the Fermentation of Food

Below are some ways to relate to fermentation science in interdisciplinary and community-oriented ways. When you like what you find, check out the full version for relevant background, full details, discussion questions, visuals, downloadables, and more. Adapt these materials for your context, and please reach out with suggestions and ideas!

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Full Fabulous Fermentation

Fabulous Fermentation

Full Fabulous Fermentation

Choose one of the above products of fermentation.

Choose one of the following:

  1.                 Research paper
  2.                 Video exposé
  3.                 Experimental design to conduct an experiment
  4.                 Cooking lesson on how to produce your product.

Be sure to include:

✔ Historical context.

✔ Introduction to the U.S.

✔ How it is used in modern society.

✔ Complete chemical reaction.

Full Fabulous Fermentation
Full Can I drink kombucha? Is it healthy for me?

Can I drink kombucha? Is it healthy for me?

Full Can I drink kombucha? Is it healthy for me?

YOUR ASSIGNMENT: How would YOU talk about the health effects of kombucha with your friends or family?

Communicating science requires the balance between sharing exciting preliminary findings and being cautious of the tentative nature of the work. Many times, scientific studies are performed in a very specific context, and before generalizations to broad populations can be made, more studies are often needed to increase our certainty and confidence in the scope of the work. Furthermore, any biology involving humans is further complicated by the variations in individuals and contexts.

Here’s your challenge:

You have just been contacted by your local paper/favorite blog/most popular YouTube channel/etc. asking for your scientific expertise on the health benefits of kombucha.

Prepare a sample communication (article, blog post, audio clip, video, etc.) that you would feel comfortable sharing with them in order to present yourself as a science expert while also being engaging. Who knows💁, maybe this will lead to your future career as a YouTube star!

Full Can I drink kombucha? Is it healthy for me?

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