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Relate to the Biochemical Deconstruction of an Egg Sandwich

A scientific exploration of an avocado, egg, and cheese sandwich as delicious examples of lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates

Whether teaching about the types of macromolecules or discussing the process of digestion, an egg sandwich can make everything a bit more fun.

Explore the array of resources below for various ways to apply this theme. When you like what you find, check out the full version for background information, full protocols, discussion questions, visuals, downloadables (coming soon), and more. Adapt these materials for your context, and please reach out with suggestions and ideas!

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Lipid Background
Full Lipid Background
Full Lipid Background

Lipids are incredible. Defined based on the physical property of (in)solubility, lipids are naturally occurring compounds that are quintessential for life. In our cells, for example, lipids provide physical barriers, act as messengers, provide energy, and even help provide a mechanism for intracellular and extracellular transport. In addition, lipids can be quite tasty! 

Full Lipid Background

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Jeanne was once rescued by the FDNY after getting her head stuck in a fence. She then grew up to become a biochemist.
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