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RockEDU Online For Teachers

Welcome to RockEDU Online! We are your biggest fans and we hope you find various parts of the site to be helpful to you as an educator, and also as a science-minded individual. Here are some parts of the site to be sure to check out:

Teaching Resources highlight materials for your use in the classroom. These resources are generally not designed as plug-and-play lessons, but rather as a set of content and materials to help you think about topics in a new way, have a new conversation with your students, or make connections with other topics. Each resource is presented at various levels to explore different levels of complexity with the ideas. We encourage you to slide up or down the scale to see if other levels may add options that better fit your students or classroom setting. Many of the materials are provided in the same or more detailed versions as downloadable documents. Be sure to check them out! Please note that many of our resources are currently in development so check back often for more resources and added content!

Corner Store Experiments — coming soon! — will be an excellent resource for you to help guide your students through more authentic research experiences. We hope that the materials provided will help you grow as a researcher/research advisor while simultaneously streamlining the actual research system.  Check back in the coming months for more information.

The Incubator Blog is our mix of science-related perspectives and stories. Check out all of it for your own reading pleasure! You may also find relevance in sharing some of the Scientists of New York stories and some other posts with your students when exploring career possibilities and the human elements of doing science.

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