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About RockEDU Online

  • Photograph by Zach Veilleux
    Welcome to The Rockefeller University!
  • Photograph by AEROBO
    Tucked away in the heart of New York City is this our outstanding research institution
  • Photograph by SCOTT RUDD
    Scientists conduct groundbreaking research and share their findings with a variety of audiences
  • Started in 1901, The Rockefeller University has been a site of many groundbreaking scientific findings.
  • Photograph by Mario Morgado
    While Rockefeller does not have undergraduates, it is a University because of the Graduate School program, where students can pursue a doctorate of philosophy (PhD) degree

Connecting scientists, teachers, students, and classrooms to foster mutual learning around the scientific process, and an understanding of how our communities can come together to promote equitable access to scientific opportunity.

How to engage with our site

RockEDU Online aims to serve several different audiences taking part in science outreach activities. Please use the guides below to learn more about how this website can best serve your needs. If your angle on science outreach is missing, please contact us as we continue to support science outreach endeavors happening in new and varied ways.

More about RockEDU Online

RockEDU Science Outreach is based at The Rockefeller University in a little oasis in Manhattan (New York, NY).
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