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Relate to The Chemistry That Holds Us Together

An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Bonding and Intermolecular Forces

Bonds are sustained chemical connections between atoms. They hold sets of atoms together in predictable proportions or even precise numbers in order to create the myriad substances with diverse physical and chemical properties we interact with each day. The strongest bonds—covalent bonds—form discrete molecules that interact with themselves and one another through weaker intermolecular forces.

These activities will explore how our familiar bio-macromolecules demonstrate the full range of bonds and intermolecular forces taught in high school chemistry and biology courses while being engaging and relatable for students. We encourage chemistry and biology teachers talk with each other to use common vocabulary and definitions to help students apply knowledge from one class to the other, in whichever order these classes are taught.

Explore the array of resources below for various ways to apply this theme. When you like what you find, check out the full version for background information, full protocols, discussion questions, visuals, downloadables (coming soon), and more. Adapt these materials for your context, and please reach out with suggestions and ideas!


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