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Lizzie Krisch

Lizzie Krisch is an animal cognition researcher by training with an interest in conservation biology, comparative psychology and wild and captive animal behavior. Lizzie enjoys integrating scientific ideas across an array of related fields through research, writing and teaching.


Lizzie is passionate about mitigating human-wildlife conflict. Pictured above, Lizzie interacts with an elephant at a facility in Thailand.

Lizzie has always had a passion for science research and communication, and further nurtured these proclivities throughout her undergraduate career at Rutgers University. After taking some courses related to conservation and animal science, Lizzie realized her passion at the intersection of these two disciplines. Upon graduating from Rutgers University in 2016 with a degree in Environmental Policy and Companion Animal Science, Lizzie went on to achieve her M.A. from Hunter College in Animal Behavior and Conservation. During her time at Hunter, Lizzie became interested in cognition, and spent two years developing her master’s thesis on horse cognition. While working towards her thesis, Lizzie pursued field opportunities in conservation and teaching opportunities in the undergraduate psychology department at Hunter College.

Traveling to beautiful locations like Kauai (pictured above) has inspired Lizzie to develop her photography skills!

In her free time, Lizzie enjoys hiking (where she’ll often journal and practice her photography skills), cooking and traveling. Lizzie is often working on developing her newest hobby (most recently, this has been calligraphy!), and is always eager to scout out the latest trends that allow her to explore her creativity!

Currently, Lizzie is the Program Coordinator at RockEDU Science Outreach at The Rockefeller University. In this position, Lizzie develops and co-teaches course curricula, manages the RockEDU Incubator Blog and coordinates social media activity, all in the hopes of fostering an invaluable, sustaining appreciation for scientific exploration among students across New York City. Lizzie hopes to translate her passion for scientific research (through inquiry, writing and exploration) to the youth that come through the lab.

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