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Kristin Reiber Harris

Kristin Reiber Harris is a teaching artist/animator focusing on inspiring careful observation of the natural world

  • Frame from animated film Anim8Nature Life Cycles: Cicada
  • Frame from animated film Anim8Nature Life Cycles: Cicada
  • Sparrows, Frame from animated film CityBIRDS
  • Pigeons, Frame from animated film CityBIRDS
  • Title frame from animated film CityBIRD
  • Frame from animated film Anim8Nature Life Cycles: Monarch Butterfly
  • Frame from animated film Anim8Nature Life Cycles: Acorn/Oak
  • Black Eyed Susan, drawing on paper
  • Detail, Lotus Garden, woodcut
  • Spring Rain, woodcut on painted paper

Kristin Reiber Harris is an artist, animator and educator. Her creative career spans over 50 years with a focus on inspiring careful observation of the natural world. “I find great solace and comfort in the beauty of the natural world. I am in awe of so many of Mother Nature’s creations. I want to share that life affirming joy with others. I especially want to encourage children to get outside, look around and become stewards of the natural world.

As a free range child growing up on an old farm in Northern Virginia, Kristin wandered the fields and woods around her house. Both of her parents are avid gardeners, so plants have always had a special place in her heart, especially trees. Disney’s Nature’s Half Acre documentary from the 50’s made a life changing impression on Kristin that she didn’t even realize until she became a media producer as a mid-career artist. She has specialized in producing and animating educational media for children specifically exploring science with art. She animated a series of science interstitials for HBO Family/HBO Latino that posed such questions as Why don’t I fall off the earth and How do fish sleep. Her Anim8Nature series of life cycle animations tells nature’s story of renewal, one organism at a time. She recently completed a short film CityBIRDS and is currently in production with CityTREES.

Kristin has produced over 60 short form animations and her work has been included in the Chesapeake Film Festival, Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, The Museum of Television and Radio’s International Children’s Television Festival in New York and Los Angeles, The Kalamazoo Animation Festival International and the East Lansing Children’s Film Festival, San Diego Children’s Film Festival and Spudfest.

Her experience as an educator includes over 15 years of college level teaching, elementary, middle and high school workshops and family programs at museums and art centers.

Kristin is a member of NY Women in Film & Television, Women in Film & Video Washington DC and a board member of the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition. Kristin received a BA in Fine Arts from UCLA and an MFA from The George Washington University.

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