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D4P: COVID-19 Fellows

Know the folks presenting this season of D4P

Raising the SciComm Bar

Data for the People would not be possible without the participation of dedicated scientist communicators. Below is a list of our D4P fellows since launching the web series in March 2020.

D4P Fellows Season 1


Chloé Pasin, PhD (she/her)

Chloé is a postdoctoral research scientist at Columbia University. She has a background in mathematics and is now trying to answer concrete clinical questions in infectious disease by using biostatistics and mathematical models. She loves the collaborative aspects of her work, as it brings together people with different background and expertise (immunologists, infectious disease specialists, mathematicians…). She grew up in Toulouse, South West of France and lived in different places (Paris, Bordeaux, Australia, Seattle WA) before moving to NYC. She is currently staying home with her partner and his cat, cooking a lot and practicing more yoga! Learn more about Chloé by visiting her website and following her on Twitter @ChloePasin. See her D4P presentation here!

Sinead Morris, PhD (she/her)

Sinead is a postdoctoral research scientist at Columbia University. She uses mathematical models to understand how our immune systems respond to infectious diseases such as HIV and the flu. She grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, before moving to the US in 2013 to start her PhD. It was here that she first developed an interest in using maths to understand how viruses spread through populations, and how best to control them. She is currently sheltering at home with her boyfriend and their dog, Dixie, and in her spare time is rediscovering her love of drawing. Learn more about Sinead by visiting her website and following her on Twitter @SineadEMorris. See her D4P presentation here!

Joe Levin (he/his)

Joe is a PhD student at The Rockefeller University in the Laboratory of Structural Biophysics and Mechanobiology. In his free time, Joe enjoys exploring the New York City food and drink scene, and loves backpacking off-the-grid! Eventually, Joe hopes to traverse the Appalachian Trail. You can learn more about Joe through our Scientists of NY series on the RockEDU blog, The Incubator. See his D4P presentation here!

Lindsey Lopes (she/her)

Lindsey is a PhD student at The Rockefeller University in the Laboratory of Social Evolution and Behavior. She studies how ants communicate with each other using chemical signals. She is interested in how the brain is able to process these chemicals and coordinate the ant’s behavioral response. Before this, she was a student at Haverford College and University of Pennsylvania. She enjoys playing with her cats, baking, reading, and doing yoga when she is not in the lab. See her D4P presentation here.

Emily Costa (she/her)

Em is a 4th year PhD candidate at Weill Cornell and a lung cancer researcher at Memorial Sloan Kettering. In this role, she studies how drugs that disrupt our cell’s response to DNA damage might improve the effectiveness of immunotherapy in small cell lung cancer. Before starting grad school, Em worked at various pharma and biotech companies in the Boston area and got her undergraduate degree at Northeastern University. When she’s not in the lab, you can find her writing and podcasting about science, making cyanotypes, or tending to an ever-growing family of houseplants. See her D4P presentation here.

Andrés Mansisidor, PhD (they/them)

Dr. Mansisidor is a postdoctoral researcher in the Laboratory of Genome Architecture and Dynamics at The Rockefeller University. Andrés hearts all things DNA. During PhD training, they studied how DNA breaks and repair help genome evolution. As a postdoc, they are continuing to peer into the genome and it’s organization. Andrés is a proponent of variation in it’s many contexts, and they adore the famous Dobzhansky quote, “Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution.” See their D4P presentation here.

Francisca Martinez Traub (she/her)

Francisca is a graduate student researcher at The Rockefeller University, originally hailing from Chile. Francisca is fascinated to learn how neuronal networks in the brain are able to drive animal behavior, though she also very much loves biochemistry and genetics. When she is not in the lab, Francisca likes to travel, particularly to national parks for long backcountry hikes to escape crowds and city intensity. See her D4P presentation here.

Odaelys Walwyn Pollard, PhD (she/her)

Dr. Pollard is the scientist educator for RockEDU Science Outreach. Before joining RockEDU, Odaelys worked on a variety of different initiatives around science education and outreach, and is a champion for equitable access to science. Odaelys is a trained microbiologist/immunologist, having earned her PhD at New York Medical College, in Westchester NY. See her D4P presentation here.

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