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Find Other Bio-Based Materials in Your Lifestyle

Follow this activity to try to come up with other examples of products derived from bio-based materials.

In this collection, we’ve learned about one example of a bio-based material, silk fibroin, but there are many more materials in our everyday lives that came from a once-living substance. Now it’s your turn to look around your surroundings and see what other everyday products that you use have biological origin!

Use the prompts below as a guide to get you started on your research:

  • Go outside and look for raw materials! See if you and your students can come up with practical uses for them (e.g. disposable paper plates made from plant leaves).
  • Think about your cultural background! Are there bio-based materials that have cultural significance and/or are popular?
  • Look into the history of different industries! The food, dye, textile, cleaning product, and medical industries have all incorporated bio-based elements into their products, you might even have those products in your home. 
  • Brainstorm what other commonplace products you think should utilize bio-based substances in order to create a more sustainable future. Conversely, are there products that you think would not work well with bio-based materials? 

Share your thoughts with others.

Did you have an interesting discussion with your students? Find cool bio-based substances? Post them to this forum below!

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