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Inclusive Science Outreach

Inclusive Science Outreach encompasses the breadth of science communication, community engagement, and educational efforts around scientific topics in ways that are inclusive for all.
Case Studies of Programs
Examples of high quality, context-specific science outreach programs and projects
Showcasing examples of high quality, context-specific science outreach programs and projects through case studies
What does mentorship look like in context? Join the discussion.
BIOME is a virtual community that fosters connection and collaboration around mentorship development. Here we share our community-created facilitation guides to help you navigate through these relationships.
Science Outreach 2018: Models, Methods and Measures
SciOut18 was the inaugural un-conference of the SciOut initiative. Over 100 scientists, educators, and outreach professionals met to connect, swap expertise, and support each other in our work. Read more on our work together and where this movement is headed from here!
Mentoring Handbook
RockEDU's compiled resources for effective scientific mentorship in academia
Mentorship is a valuable skill and resource within academia. These resources aim to clarify and outline some key pieces of success as a mentor
Inclusive Mentorship
Supporting strong mentorship requires: sharing resources, building communities and reflecting on best practice. Inclusive mentorship is our theory to practice area that explores these relationships.
SciOut Community
SciOut is a grassroots movement to connect our community, with outputs representing a summation of perspectives held by individual science outreach professionals from a diversity of contexts
SciOut Survey 2020
A survey to capture the perceptions of outreach in academia
What is the perceived value of science outreach within scientific communities? What motivates people to participate in science outreach, and who are they? Learn about our NSF-supported study aimed at uncovering answers to these questions
RockEDU Perspectives
Ideas to spark conversation on science outreach
Our approaches to science outreach come from synthesizing many perspectives and dimensions of public engagement, education, business strategy, and more. These ideas are presented here informally to spark conversation and thinking in new ways.

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Photographer: Jacob Arthur Pritchard
Tools & Skills| BIOME

Mobilizing Mentorship Discussion Guide: Revisiting the Basics of Mentorship

Articles: The Science of Mentoring Relationships: What Is Mentorship? and Mentor as You’d Want to be …
Photographer: Scott Rudd
Tools & Skills| BIOME and RiSI

What does it mean to be a "good" scientist?!

Download and print out our facilitation resource from the Save & Share Menu. This activity was part …
Nurturing Relationships| BIOME

What is Mobilizing Mentorship?

Mobilizing Mentorship is a weekly slack-based program that focuses on various topics in mentorship. These candid …
Outreach Community| BIOME

What is BIOME?

RockEDU: BIOME (Building Interactive Opportunities for Mentorship Education) is a virtual slack community that is designed to …
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