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Science Outreach 2018: Models, Methods and Measures (#SciOut18)

The inaugural SciOut18 Unconference was held at The Rockefeller University, October 3-5, 2018. Approximately 150 attendees from across the US (and a few international colleagues!) gathered together and explored themes around Metrics, Inclusive Engagement, Scaling & Sustaining Science Outreach, and Building Communities of Practice. A few featured outputs are collected below, or follow the link to view talks, discussion summaries, outreach confessional videos, and more!

#SciOut18: Context and Motivations

#SciOut18 represented an experimental gathering bringing together passionate practitioners and researchers in the science engagement space.   Hosted …
SciOut18 Task Force

Professionalization of Outreach: Executive Summary

Introducing the SciOut18 White Paper: Recommendations for the Continued Professionalization of Science Outreach within the Scientific Enterprise, …

SciOut18 Opening Remarks

    This clip shares the opening remarks for ‘SciOut18’, given by Rockefeller University president, Rick Lifton and …

What we Learned Around Metrics

At SciOut18 we spent a large portion of our time together discussing issues around assessment and …

What We Learned Around Inclusive Engagement

Science is simultaneously reliable and tentative, and centered on often lengthy processes that rely on failure …

What We Learned Around Scaling and Sustaining Science Outreach

Science outreach is seen as a good thing, but organizing and executing outreach can be difficult, …

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