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Inclusive Science Outreach

Inclusive Science Outreach encompasses the breadth of science communication, community engagement, and educational efforts around scientific topics in ways that are inclusive for all.
Guide to LGBTQIA+ Allyship for Mentors
Resources for being an ally to LGBTQIA+ trainees in STEM
Resources for being an ally to LGBTQIA+ trainees in STEM. The guide includes definitions, tips, anonymous testimonials, reflection exercises, inclusion statement examples, funding sources, and links to readings.
Mentorship Handbook
Navigate through the basics of mentoring
Navigate through the basics of mentoring by mapping out actionable steps, prioritizing communication and establishing norms
Continued Learning for Mentors
A place for mentors to dive deeper into their practice
A place for mentors to dive deeper into their practice by learning inclusivity best practices, challenging norms in science and developing professional skills
Mobilizing Mentorship
A summarized compilation of resources for individual reflection or group discussion
A summarized compilation of resources surrounding theoretical frameworks and best practices in mentorship designed for individual reflection or group discussion
Mentorship Toolkit
Whether you’re a seasoned mentor or just getting started, our mentorship toolkit is your spot to level up in your mentoring
Whether you’re a seasoned mentor or just getting started, our mentorship toolkit is your spot to level up in your mentoring. Use our resources to further your professional development, model best practices in mentoring, establish healthy norms with your mentee and more!
Outreach and Engagement
Resources to reinforce and improve on inclusive, effective outreach and engagement
We are constantly learning from others to improve our outreach and engagement efforts – take a look and see if something can help you, too
Case Studies of Programs
Examples of high quality, context-specific science outreach programs and projects
Showcasing examples of high quality, context-specific science outreach programs and projects through case studies
RockEDU Perspectives
Ideas to spark conversation on science outreach
Our approaches to science outreach come from synthesizing many perspectives and dimensions of public engagement, education, business strategy, and more. These ideas are presented here informally to spark conversation and thinking in new ways.
SciOut Community
SciOut is a grassroots movement to connect our community, with outputs representing a summation of perspectives held by individual science outreach professionals from a diversity of contexts
Science Outreach 2018: Models, Methods and Measures
SciOut18 was the inaugural un-conference of the SciOut initiative. Over 100 scientists, educators, and outreach professionals met to connect, swap expertise, and support each other in our work.
SciOut Survey 2020
A survey to capture the perceptions of outreach in academia
What is the perceived value of science outreach within scientific communities? What motivates people to participate in science outreach? Learn about our NSF-supported study aimed at uncovering answers to these questions

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Photograph by SCOTT RUDD
Nurturing Relationships| Disan Davis

Engaging With Learners

Engage with the person. Knowledge should be co-created by individuals at different levels, taking into account …
Tools & Skills| Disan Davis

Engaging to Improve Your Practice

Teaching is not innate. It is a practice that can be taught and refined through feedback, …
Assessment & Evaluation| Disan Davis

Engaging for a Specific Outcome

Learning requires acquisition or modification of information/skills/etc. by the learner and thus is an active process. …
Outreach Community

#SciOut18: Context and Motivations

#SciOut18 represented an experimental gathering bringing together passionate practitioners and researchers in the science engagement space.   Hosted …
Photo Credit: Zach Veilleux
Assessment & Evaluation| Niki & Jeanne

Please Participate in the Survey!

This survey is intended for scientific communities broadly and is intended to be completed by science …
Photographer Will Ragozzino
Fundamentals| Niki & Jeanne

How Can Science Outreach Fit into Existing Scientific Infrastructure? A Research Study

RockEDU is teaming up with Northwestern University's Niki Woitowich to examine how science academia views science …
Assessment & Evaluation| Jeanne Garbarino

Example Scenarios for Providing Feedback

A Needy Student Who’s Oblivious About Your Time and Availability A scenario exploring time management, encouraging mentee …
Assessment & Evaluation| Jeanne & Disan

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Be a Kickass Mentor Without Losing Your Humanity Giving and receiving feedback is a skill that can …
Broadening Participation| Jeanne Garbarino

Learning From Your Mentee

Finding a Mentoring Style that Works for Your Mentee As mentioned in previous sections, a baseline definition …
Outreach Community

Ben Wiehe: Real Challenges Around Building a Community of Practice

"I just kind of like create organizational structures for the demands of the moment and the …
Outreach Community

Lou Woodley: Community of Practice Theory

"Communities of practice, this notion of them, it has arisen as a way of cultivating and …
Outreach Infrastructure

What We Learned Around Scaling and Sustaining Science Outreach

Science outreach is seen as a good thing, but organizing and executing outreach can be difficult, …
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