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Explore Microscopy Images

What happens once you capture an image using a microscope? Use free software to explore how to adjust real scientific images captured with microscopes.

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Hair Follicle Composite by Kevin Gonzales
Explore Microscopy Images
Full Explore Microscopy Images
Full Explore Microscopy Images

Take part in the microscopy image analysis process and explore more kinds of microscopes that scientists use to study various research questions. Then share your images and deeper questions in the padlet.

This work is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 


Analyze your own microscopy images

  • Download one or more .tif files from the Save & Share Menu
  • Read and/or watch the tutorial on how to use ImageJ to make a pseudocolor composite image
  • Share your images on the padlet to enjoy together!

LAB Backstage Video Tour

Explore yet another type of microscopy in this LAB Backstage video tour hosted by Rockefeller University graduate student, Rochelle Shih.

Full Explore Microscopy Images

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