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Data for the People

Welcome to D4P: Science for all, straight from the source

Data for the People (D4P) is an interactive web-series that invites ‘the people’ (YOU!) to engage with relevant scientific research topics. Scientific research topics are presented by scientists in our communities—directly from the primary scientific literature— and explored through a variety of scientific reasoning styles in a way that showcases the process of science. Our goal is to maintain the rigor of the research, while eliminating the inaccessible jargon so that everyone can participate in science.

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D4P Season 4: Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for D4P season 4!

D4P Season 1: COVID-19

Check out our previous D4P webinars, including discussion guides, downloads and links to related scientific publications, and more!

D4P Season 3: People and Medicine

D4P Season 3 explores the science of how we study ourselves, and how our complexity, both as biological systems and as people with unique lives and identities, creates challenges and opportunities for improving human health.

D4P Season 2: Social Behavior

D4P season 2 featured 5 unique episodes focused exclusively on social behavior in a variety of model organisms. Through these model systems (ants, nematode worms and flies!) we wonder, “What does it mean to be social?”, “What animals are capable of social behavior?”, and most importantly, “What can we learn from animals about social behavior?”.

About the D4P webinar series

Cutting-edge scientific literature is generally shared in expensive, subscription-based journals. The experimental and theoretical findings presented in these reports can directly impact our lives by providing the basis for new technologies, healthcare options, or deepening our knowledge of our own biology. Yet, these highly-specialized reports are usually written using field-specific jargon that make it difficult for non-specialists to digest. We feel that providing access and insight into the information —specifically, information that can impact our lives— is more important and urgent than ever. This is why we formed D4P. The D4P initiative was co-founded by Elizabeth Zale (graduate student from Weill Cornell), Eva Stevenson (research specialist from Weill Cornell), and members of the RockEDU Science Outreach team. D4P season 1 partnered with Scientists, Inc. We are funded in part by the Kavli Foundation, as part of the LiveSci Collective. We plan on growing the D4P initiative, so watch this space for new announcements!
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