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Taylor Floyd #sciony

By Nica Rabinowitz

Good things don’t come easy, and I figured that out while working in my undergraduate lab in Dayton, OH. I was attempting to label a specific protein in the spinal cord with an antibody, and I actually wasn’t successful. I had to think around the problem and develop a different solution, which is what science is all about: thinking of different solutions to answer your question.

As a neuroscientist, NYC is a mecca for neuro-related research. There are several great universities here home to past and present brilliant scientists who have helped guide progress in society. Weill Cornell Graduate School was my top grad school choice and it’s been wonderful working with top scientists here from all fields. I also came to this city because I love the diversity of people who live here and the food is incredible.

Although being a scientist can be stressful at times, it’s completely worth it when you finally figure out your question and share your new knowledge with the world.

Taylor Floyd is a neuroscience graduate student at Weill Cornell Graduate School researching neurodevelopment. Taylor’s research focuses on cortical neuron fate mapping and central nervous system sensorimotor development.

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