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Parts Per Millions #ppms

  • A close up on the Abies balsamea, commonly known as Balsam Fir. This is the tree that keeps on giving – from medical treatments to glue, paper, and a shelter or food source for small critters
  • The stem, or leaf stalk, of the Nuphar Lutea has a spiky coat and is even more beautiful on the inside.
  • Monotropa uniflora is a peculiar little white flower, also known as the ghost plant. Ghost plants are parasitic and lurk in dark dense forests, getting their energy from tree fungi rather than sunlight.

Taking a closer look at the relationships of life on earth

When studying science and the world around us, there is a tendency to walk a reductionist path, breaking every system down to individual components in order to understand how it works. This strategy has certainly shed light on many fundamental principles pertaining to life on earth, leading to immeasurably impactful discoveries. However, as new technologies emerge and perspectives widen, we are able to take a more holistic viewpoint in our quest to understand the underlying complexities of life. Everyday, we are learning that a “unit of life” is more than a single organism. We can see these relationships everywhere we look. No one and nothing is alone.

“Symbioses are the ultimate examples of success through collaboration and the powerful benefits of intimate relationships.” – David Relman

On any given walk through the woods, there are a multitude of scenes playing themselves out on a scale too small to capture through the traditional camera lens. At RockEDU Science Outreach, we want to celebrate the little things that are important to life’s complex relationships, but might be missed. In our new campaign, Parts Per Millions (#PPM), we take a closer look at what is growing in the world around us.

Zooms-In On the World Around Us

Call for Contributors

We are always looking for new perspectives on the small mysteries of life around us. If you have insights or curiosities into the natural world around us, please pitch your contributions for #ppms to Lizzie.

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