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The Hourglass

By Alla

Where are you? Did you know it would be like this? You work like you never have before, out of sight and out of mind…

This is my hourglass, my hourglass that crawls all around me, tied beneath the chains of what I must complete, in the sacrifice of what I see in my reflection.

Hours and hours of endless time, seemingly in a stillborn time of day. It’s your lab, it’s your experiment, it’s your home… 

Against myself and against my hourglass, the sun betrayed you. Where did the time go? Our sun goes down, your hourglass fills up.

Years and years of endless time, seemingly in a stillborn time of day. It’s your life, it’s your home.

Pulling beneath the surface, the hourglass fills up, but don’t be deceived. It’s your reflection sinking away, pulling away at your reality, molding something so abstract into what seems to be so concrete.

The tension in you seems to radiate as another dusted phone call is left for time to resolve. Time has faded you, played against you. 

Very rarely do you keep up with those dearest to you. Which way do you go from here? From sunrise to starshopping,  you’re accustomed to your lab. You’re most comfortable, the place where you’ve felt most at home, but it isn’t 

It’s rejuvenating as your hourglass fills up with accomplished goals, placing you in the spotlight, yet is your hourglass really filling up, or is it wasting away?

Come home, this is your Haven. A place where you don’t need accomplished goals, you are fulfilled regardless. It is you that is filling up with humble feelings, your remedy. Filling up as time endlessly slips away.

Your hourglass is now our hourglass. We share time together, our time. We feel at home, carefree.

You’ve been starshopping, and it feels so good. You’re home, carefree. Your stars finally aligned, interconnecting with the stars of those who truly sacrifice for you.

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