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David Ng

David is one of our SSRP fellows, who is working on creating and co-leading a research track for the SSRP. Here, he talks about mentoring students for the first time!

David is a graduate student in the Fuchs lab, where he studies stem cell biology. As an SSRP fellow, he is in charge of designing and co-leading a research track for the SSRP. Here, he talks about his interest in science and his excitement around mentoring incoming students!

Where were you before Rockefeller?

“I graduated with a degree in Biochemistry from Stony Brook University.”

What is something you did recently that you are proud of?

“Finally got a trip out of the group chat with high school friends!”

Share one thing about science that brings you joy.

“You can get very creative to design and develop new tools to answer any scientific question that you may have”

Outside of your research and science, what do you do for fun?

“I love playing sports, cooking up new recipes, and making new cocktails”

What are you most looking forward to when mentoring students with RockEDU?

“The various different questions you develop using the skin as your model”

What advice would you give to incoming students?

“Uncertainty for the future is totally fine. Accomplish everything that you want to do in the present and doors to the future will open along the way. ”

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