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Corner Store Experiments

  • Corner Store Experiments only requires the use of materials you can find at your local corner store, grocery store, pharmacy, etc. Any additional resources or materials are a bonus!
  • Corner Store Experiments will include scaffolded resources for teachers and students to use kombucha as a model system for iterative question asking, experimental design, and data analysis.
  • Kombucha, the first Corner Store model system, is a fermented tea beverage ripe with open scientific questions including on microbial growth, competition, fermentation chemistry, and how to measure complex ideas like "healthy."
  • Fun Fact: Kombucha fermentation produces a cellulose material that floats at the top of the fermenting tea. It's known as the pellicle. You can see it forming as white splotches in this picture.
  • Please check back for more in the coming months!

Corner Store Experiments will be a section dedicated to detailed materials to help students and teachers conduct more authentic research projects right in their schools and homes, without requiring anything more than what you can get from your local corner store (or grocery store, pharmacy, etc.).

This is a work in progress so please check back for more updates and resources in the near future.

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