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Krithika Venkataraman

Krithika Venkataraman was born in Chennai, India and spent her childhood between Brussels, Belgium, and Bengaluru, India. She has since lived in several cities, including London, New Haven, Northampton, New York City, and Jersey City. An alumna of Smith College, she was awarded a Ph.D. from The Rockefeller University in 2022 for her dissertation on the reproductive strategies of mosquitoes, particularly in the context of drought. In addition to research, Krithika is passionate about raising platforms for providing inclusive mentorship for scientists. Outside of her life as a scientist, Krithika enjoys devouring audiobooks and getting lost in the spectacle of live theatre and music. Previously, she trained as a Bharathanatyam dancer for over a decade, and she now performs contortions through the art of yoga. She has a penchant for places that lie next to water bodies, for night lights that pattern a city skyline, and for warmth — from a kind word on a tough day, from inspiring discourse, or from a soothing cup of tea after soaking in a thunderstorm. Krithika joined the RockEDU Science Outreach team in July 2022 as the first Civic Science Associate funded by the Rita Allen Foundation. She is also a Scientist on the Simons Collaboration for the Global Brain team at the Simons Foundation.
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