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Krithika Venkataraman

Krithika Venkataraman is a Ph.D. student at The Rockefeller University studying how female mosquitoes undergo multiple biting cycles over a lifetime, which underlies their capacity for spreading infections such as dengue and Zika. She is generally interested in how animals evolve diverse behaviors, and how genes control these behaviors. Krithika received a B.A. in biochemistry with a minor in neuroscience from Smith College in 2015, after growing up in India and Belgium. In addition to research, Krithika is passionate about raising platforms for providing inclusive mentorship for scientists. At The Rockefeller University, she has served on the Student Representative Committee, mentors students participating in after-school / summer laboratory programs, and hosts events for underrepresented minority trainees to discuss issues in STEM with senior scientists. She also volunteers for the Smith College Alumnae Club of New York City, interviewing prospective young women interested in STEM undergraduate degrees. In her spare time, Krithika also loves writing, and doing yoga and Indian classical dance.
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