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Stephy C

Stephy was a student in the SSRP class of 2023, who successfully completed her project as part of the Protein Pioneers track. Here, she recounts how SSRP changed her view on science and research.

Stephy is a high school student from Brooklyn, NY who started off as a LAB Jumpstart student before transitioning into SSRP. Through her work in the SSRP, she honed in her research skills and now has a strong interest in biochemistry!

Stephy writing down her project observations in her lab notebook.

What were you hoping to gain from the SSRP program?

“Because my school offers limited science courses I really wanted to learn more about science and participate in hands on activities.”

I wanted a group of friends who were working towards the same goal as me and mentors who were patient and supportive.

How has your participation in the program impacted your interest in science/research?

“It definitely made me a lot more interested in science; currently I really want to pursue biochemistry and I could see myself doing research in the future.”

Stephy in the lab with her fellow SSRP students!

How did the SSRP impact your personal growth?

“It taught be to be responsible; coming in before the day actually starts and managing my samples. It also taught me time management, for example if I have samples in the centrifuge or I’m in the middle of something I can arrange my time to figure out when I can get lunch.”

What advice would you give to incoming SSRP students to help them make the most of their time?

“Don’t be scared to ask questions. There’s a really good support team around you in SSRP and most likely someone else also has the same question as you.”

Favorite Memory from SSRP?

“The lunches, it was so fun going to the cafeteria and getting a meal, sitting down and talking about anything that comes to mind.”


Stephy was a part of the protein pioneers project, where she purified MEK and ERK kinases, and explored the effect of different mutations on protein structure and function. 

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