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Sehaj Kaur

Sehaj was a student in our 2022 SSRP cohort, where she hoped to develop not only her research skills but also meet other like-minded scientists. Here, she talks about her experience with the SSRP!

Sehaj, a current sophomore in college from West Chester, PA, participated in the SSRP in the hopes of stepping outside her comfort zone and learning more about how research works. Through her time in SSRP, she was able to learn the basics of many different lab techniques, and developed strong friendships that she has to this day!

What were you hoping to gain from the SSRP program?

“I was hoping to get exposed to research since I had never been in a lab before. I also wanted to get better at reading scientific articles/papers. I also hoped to make friends and gain mentorship that lasted beyond those seven weeks.”

How has your participation in the program impacted your interest in science/research?

“SSRP was so enjoyable for me, I wanted to continue having the memories, learning, and connections I did that summer. I was so impressed by the work being done at a smaller level with yeast, I wanted to take my interest to human samples and diseases, hoping to get more in a clinical/medical setting as a premedical student.”

Sehaj hard at work on her project.

How did the SSRP impact your personal growth?

“SSRP definitely benefitted my personal growth by pushing me out of my comfort zone. I was a junior in high school who had never worked in a lab or read many scientific articles. I also had never presented a poster or done much public speaking and that was a big fear for me. However, after the program, I had immersed myself so much into the work that I knew our research like the back of my hand and talking about it was much easier than I thought.”

Having the support of my lab partner and track mentor meant the world to me and I still talk to them to this day!

What advice would you give to incoming SSRP students to help them make the most of their time?

“I would say ask questions and ask more questions so that you know everything you possibly can about your lab and your track. Also, talk to people! Make a lot of friends and become friends with your mentor too.”

Favorite Memory from SSRP?

“My favorite memory was probably meeting all the people in my track and becoming very close to them over the course of seven weeks, both in lab and on breaks playing cards, and during lunch!”

Sehaj was a part of the DNA Breaks and Yeast track. Her project focused on resolving the number of uncontrolled breaks in yeast DNA when applying a sequencing technique developed by the Risca Lab. 

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