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Or Alus

Outside of the lab, Or spends time with his daughter. He also enjoys participating in martial arts, playing instruments and surfing!

Or Alus is a Postdoctoral Associate at Rockefeller University where he specializes in Mathematical Neuroscience research.

Or grew up in a suburban region of Israel that is proximate to Haifa. Moving to New York City was a huge change for Or, but despite his initial concerns, he has grown to love it!

What’s your favorite thing about being a scientist? Did you always want to be a scientist?

“I wanted to study physics ever since I was 9 years old. I wanted to know how nature works and why things are the way they are. As a theoretician I love the freedom to ask (almost) any question that comes to mind even if it doesn’t necessarily has direct application.”

Can you think of a specific time when you found science or pursuing science challenging?

“I think that pursuing science is by definition is a challenging task . . . Finding a postdoc [position] was really hard for me; especially because I was changing my field of research. However, I am very happy that I am here now.”

If [pursuing science] was easy then it would not be interesting.

Have you ever made something explode or otherwise wildly go wrong in lab?

“I am doing theory, so no. But I got my computer to overload several times!”

Tell us about yourself outside of science. How do you spend your time outside of lab?

“Most of the time outside the lab I dedicate to my daughter. Beside that I am a martial arts enthusiast and have been practicing Karate for many years. and Brazilian jiujitsu for the last few years as well. I play piano and guitar occasionally. Recently I started learning wave surfing but that stopped when I moved to NYC.”

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