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Official Statement from RockEDU on Antisemitism

By RockEDU Team

RockEDU is comprised of a small team of individuals that hail from unique personal and scientific backgrounds, cultures, races, ethnicities, and geographic locations. Our diversity in perspectives and personal histories allow us to continuously learn from and educate one another while also identifying avenues for making our students, teachers and scientists feel safe, supported and have a sense of belonging within the scientific community.

We have been disheartened and disappointed to see the uptick in antisemitic rhetoric and behavior in the past few weeks. At RockEDU, we feel strongly about using our platform to not only teach science (because, science IS political and does not exist in a vacuum!) but to also foster cultural competency and unification around our shared principles of tolerance, anti-racism and equity.

We would be failing in our mission if we ignored contemporary and historical issues that affect the Jewish community and all minoritized communities. Today, and everyday, we stand in the fight against antisemitism, and support the recent online movement, #NoSafeSpaceForJewHate.

RockEDU condemns bigotry, hatred and discrimination of any kind including, but not limited to: antisemitism, racism, religious discrimination, homophobia, sexism, xenophobia, ableism and ageism. 

In the hopes of continuing a dialogue where we support one another and dismantle racist rhetoric and behavior, we hope that you’ll take a moment to read our list of resources for Fighting Antisemitism.

Resources for Fighting Antisemitism

Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with the writers of these pieces, and have not personally written anything on this list. In light of the recent wave of antisemitism, and a general desire to be proactive in combating hate of any form, we’ve compiled a list of resources (+ favorite instagram accounts) that touch on the various (and unfortunately, vast) types of antisemitism. Antisemitism can range from overt (violent physical attacks) to almost unnoticeable (Ever asked for financial advice from a Jew who doesn’t work in finance? Spoiler alert: that’s NOT a compliment). The better that each of us are able to identify antisemitism, the better equipped we are to educate others and fight against it in order to bring about a more just, equitable and kind world. 

We will be continuously updating this list. Please share, peruse, etc. To access this information via google docs, please follow this link.

Spread Love & End White Supremacy! 



** These are our favorite resources on the list. 

Hate Crime Reports

Jews in MENA (Middle East and North Africa)

Jews in Europe

Antisemitism in the US 


White Supremacy



Allyship Across Minorities


Instagram Tidbits/Factoids 

Recommended instagram accounts to follow*: 

*these are our favorite accounts, aka accounts that have shared the most enlightening, detailed and educational resources. 

@Yasmine.dreamz* and her husband @biggah_dat_dude (some of Yasmine’s older, fantastic existing resources can be found on @ethnically_jewish)

Yasmine is a Mizrahi/Ashkenazi Jew who is married to a Black man. They often have enlightening conversations about the history of the Black and Jewish community and do a ton of intersectional work to dismantle anti-black racism and antisemitism.


— LGBT Mizrahi Jewish writer/advocate, shares excellent thought pieces/resources to challenge the existing conversations on antisemitism and educate against the tropes, micro-aggression, and overt violence experienced by the Jewish community. 


– uplifting account sharing stories of Jews across the world. 


– anonymous accounts of antisemitism that exists across US college campuses. A sad reminder that this rhetoric is not only alive and well, but also deeply woven into American culture. 


– Jewish writer/advocate, educational resources that are poignant and meaningful regarding the realities of antisemitism, overtly and via micro-aggressions and the roles of allies in speaking up. 


– Gay, Jewish author and educator. Zionist. Shares educational resources related to antisemitism and intersectionality via instagram posts, writings and webinars.


– Progressive, intersectional Jewish content through the lens of a Jewish LGBT activist. 


– photojournalism account focused on showing what Hasidic Jews look like. 


– First openly gay, Black, female rabbi in the world. Rabbi Sandra is a reconstructionist rabbi who uplifts the Black and Jewish communities (including those who exist in both!).


– Progressive, intersectional account, run by teenage Jewish activists. Largely pictorial.

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