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Michael T.

Michael was a LAB Jumpstart student turned SSRP'23 student, where he worked on the Stem Cell track. Here, he talks about his journey into scientific research!

Michael was a student in the LAB Jumpstart and SSRP programs, where he was able to learn science outside of his normal class environment and had the chance to pursue hands-on research, eventually working on an independent research project. Here, he recounts his experience in participating in the two programs and broadening his scientific interests!

What were you hoping to gain from the SSRP program?

“Before SSRP, I was hoping to gain different types of science research skills and to meet other like-minded teens.”

The collaboration aspect of SSRP changed my view of science from something that lacked emotion and creativity to something that requires a massive group effort to create a great project.

How has your participation in the program impacted your interest in science/research?

“My participation in the program has made me more interested in pursuing some form of science in undergrad.”

How did the SSRP impact your personal growth?

“SSRP was an experience that I will hold onto for the rest of my life, I was able to grow socially and mentally and learn how to stay passionate and consistent on a project. ”

Michael in his cell culture lab area for his project.

What advice would you give to incoming SSRP students to help them make the most of their time?

“A piece of advice that I would give to an incoming SSRP student is to be open minded and say yes to all the potential opportunities that show up throughout the summer.”

Favorite Memory from SSRP?

“Playing Volleyball every chance the stem cell track had a break and listening to music while counting cells.”

Michael was a part of the Stem Cell track, where he studied how cancerous keratinocytes proliferated depending on the type of sugar they ingested. 

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