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Bharat E

Bharat was a student in the Fly evolution track, where he learned about different research skills both in and out of the lab!

Bharat, a high school senior hailing from Cinnaminson, NJ, got the chance to spend the summer working in the SSRP. Here, he recounts his experience in working on a independent research project and what he learned!

Bharat with a fellow SSRP student at the Rockefeller campus!

What were you hoping to gain from the SSRP program?

“I hoped to delve further into the bioinformatics, genetics, and neuroscience fields while learning in an environment surrounded by other fun-loving and curious scholars who share a common interest in biology.”

How has your participation in the program impacted your interest in science/research?

“It made me realize how much more I loved research now that I could pursue it alongside many peers and have more fun doing it!”

How did the SSRP impact your personal growth?

“Since I came from a small town in south Jersey, coming to SSRP and living in the big city alone made me much more independent and understanding of the many different perspectives from my fellow SSRP peers”

It made me come out of my shell and excited to come into the lab everyday!

What advice would you give to incoming SSRP students to help them make the most of their time?

“Try to maximize the time you spend with your peers, whether it be working on research or playing basketball, because SSRP is truly a once in a lifetime experience that should be filled with laughs with friends!”

Favorite Memory from SSRP?

“My favorite memory has to be all of us in SSRP going out to watch Oppenheimer in the theatre on our 2nd to last day of the program and just hanging out after finally finishing our posters.”

Bharat was a member of the Fly evolution track, where he used various machine learning models to predict and analyze gene expression in Drosophila Melanogaster. 

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