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Angelina N.

Angelina was a LAB Jumpstart student who then transitioned into the SSRP, where she worked on a independent project on stem cells. Here, she discusses how research impacted her future goals!

Angelina was a student in the LAB Jumpstart and SSRP 2023 cohorts. She joined LAB Jumpstart in the hopes of performing research at a higher level that was not offered at her high school. Throughout her time in both programs, she learned many different lab techniques, and moved onto a stem-cell based project for the SSRP. Here, she recounts her experience in conducting research!


Angelina working on her independent project.

What were you hoping to gain from the SSRP program?

“I was hoping to gain research exposure, as I attend a small school with no research programs or classes. The resources are outdated and scarce, with only basic equipment in just one science lab.”

How has your participation in the program impacted your interest in science/research?

“My participation in the program has inspired me to continue my research aspirations in college, as it equipped me with strong skills, experiences, and a network of peers and mentors.”

After working with peers and mentors, I developed a deeper appreciation for the collaborative nature of science. By participating in the SSRP at Rockefeller, I came to the realization that science truly thrives on collaboration.

Angelina and a fellow SSRP student together in the lab.

How did the SSRP impact your personal growth?

“Being a part of the SSRP taught me to trust in my own skills and motivated me to be more independent, as I was able to navigate my own learning and exploration in ways I never had the chance to before. At Rockefeller, I was always encouraged to explore the bounds of my scientific curiosity with confidence.”

What advice would you give to incoming SSRP students to help them make the most of their time?

“Be open-minded, make good friends, don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help”

Favorite Memory from SSRP?

“Going to watch Oppenheimer”

Angelina was a part of the Stem Cell track, where she studied the effect different neuromodulators had on epidermal stem cell proliferation. 

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