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Alon Millet

Alon is the Bioinformatics Fellow for our LAB Jumpstart and Summer Science Research Programs. Here, he expresses his love for mentorship!

Alon is a fourth-year PhD student in the Tavazoie Lab, studying cancer metastasis and immunology. Since last year he has been teaching RockEDU’s high school students the basics of bioinformatics. Here, we dive into Alon’s background and his interest in mentorship!

Alon at The Meredith Dairy Fest

Where were you before Rockefeller?

“I went to high school in northern NJ and did my undergrad at Yale, majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology on the 4 year combined BS/MS track. I joined Rockefeller right after graduation.”

Share one thing about science that brings you joy.

“When an experiment works on the second try!! First try is too easy. It’s way more rewarding when you have to go back, optimize, rethink things, do it again, and then it works.”

Outside of your research and science, what do you do for fun?

“[I] love to cook and bake, play piano, listen to music, read, play video games with friends, and go for long walks!”

Alon posed with Bill Nye at the 2015 White House Science Fair

What are you most looking forward to when mentoring students with RockEDU?

“I’m excited to see how everyone uses computational tools in new and creative ways to ask exciting questions about their data!”

What advice would you give to incoming students?

“Be open-minded, both with respect to your expectations for yourself (some things are hard but you will learn to do them) and with respect to your preferences (even if you don’t think you’ll enjoy something, give it a shot! you might be surprised).”

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