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Student Spotlight

  • Maryam Zaringhalam shared her experience in Washington as a Rockefeller graduate student in a Science Policy Course.
  • Gabrielle Rabinowitz and Emily Dennis broke down how to separate the hype from the science during their time at Rockefeller University. Here is Gabrielle talking science with one of her students at American Museum of Natural History.
  • Summer Science Research students taking a break in the lab. Serena Zhang (on the left) shared her SSRP Experience and her path down a road of uncertainty.

The Incubator’s Student Spotlight series aims to introduce young, aspiring scientists to topics that spark their curiosity. High school students interview scientists, challenge misconceptions about science and scientists and explore connections between science, technology, art, and society.

Rockefeller University graduate students join in the conversation – focusing on science and society, and what it is like to conduct scientific research at the bench. Our RU guest bloggers translate their research to a broad audience, and ultimately separate the science from the hype.

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