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What is Mobilizing Mentorship?

By Lizzie Krisch

Mobilizing Mentorship is a weekly slack-based program that focuses on various topics in mentorship. These candid conversations are informed by articles (peer-reviewed and opinion-pieces) and present an opportunity for members to articulate their questions, insights, struggles, and successes with mentorship.

In addition to participating in Mobilizing Mentorship, members are invited to facilitate sessions as well. Members can either take on a role of host or hype human

Hosts are responsible for selecting a topic of interest, pinpoint relevant articles, and developing a script for live event facilitation. All hosts receive formal training and feedback in science communication, virtual event facilitating and live moderation. After each session the host and the RockEDU team create a facilitation guide that can be used for having these types of conversations in other settings.

Hype Humans take on a role of moderation and interaction for the duration of “drop in” hours. All hype humans receive the script from the host prior to the session, and are expected to be actively participate in the discussion by answering questions and moving the conversation along.

View some of our previous topic titles here:

Week 1. Giving and Receiving Feedback.
Week 2. Being a “Good” Mentee
Week 3. Customizing the Mentor-Mentee Relationship
Week 4. Mentoring in a Remote Setting
Week 5. Mentorship in a Lab Ecosystem
Week 6. Time Management as a Mentor
Week 7. Balancing Identities in Mentorship
Week 8. Revisiting the Basics of Mentorship
Week 9. Success and Failure in Mentorship
Week 10. Growing within Mentorship
Week 11. Adapting Mentorship Amidst Social and Technological Shifts
Week 12. Opening Channels for Inspiration: Using Wonder as a Tool for Building Sustained Science Connections
Week 13. Embracing and Facilitating Imperfect Questions in Science

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