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Illustration by Kristin Reiber Harris
Explore Ant Behavior
Full Explore Ant Behavior
Full Explore Ant Behavior

When we look at the behavior of ants, we’re not only learning about them. We’re also learning about ourselves! Watching ants in different cooperative and communicative social environments gives us valuable information about the evolution of these behaviors. 

The videos that we have to share with you a glimpse of how ants find food in a controlled lab setting. 

Watch the following video that demonstrates how the Clonal Raider ants — a close relative of the army ant — locate food and bring it back to the nest.

This work is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 


Watch Ants in a Lab!

Watch a foraging video taken by researchers in the Laboratory of Social Evolution and Behavior at Rockefeller University! Answer some questions, and let us know what sorts of things you’d like to explore as a scientist!

Padlet - Share your ant questions!

After watching our ant foraging video, let us know some questions that you have about ants!

Full Explore Ant Behavior

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